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Lifetime members: using resell links, you no longer have to host your own downloads. All files are hosted for you. Now you can easily send download links to your customers after they purchase a downloadable product from you. This option is only available to lifetime members.

Lifetime members can copy the download link for any product by left clicking on download link and selecting copy link address. The link for a product will look like this,


Note: You can use any short-link service to shorten your download URL

You will need to replace token2=token2 to token2=YourOrderNumber, and token3=token3 to token3=yourdomain.com leaving everything else in the link exactly as it appears. That’s all. Your order number is the one you received when you purchased your lifetime membership. Your domain name is the domain you are using the link on to provide downloads. If you are not using a domain name, leave token3 as is.
(note: if you are using a domain name, you will have to send a message to include your domain name in our list to allow download access for your link from your domain/website. Use the support link to send a request to include your domain name. You can register up to 5 domains should you need to.)
Now you can provide the link to your customer for downloading your product after a sale without having to upload to another host.

If at anytime your combined download links are using more than 10 Gigs per month, you will be required to purchase a yearly plan at $14 per year. Alternately, you can upload your file to Google drive, Dropbox, etc.., to provide downloads to your customers.

If you need more help, regarding, use the support link to send a message, Or use the live chat service.

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